Candida by George Bernard Shaw - November 1942

This play was produced by John Wood as part of the Evening Institute at the Allertonshire School and was the catalyst which decided everyone to form a society. The cast is currently unknown.

Juno and the Paycock by Sean O'Casey - 4 and 5 June 1943

The play, which was the first presented by the newly formed Allertonshire Players, is set in 1922, and tells the tragic story of the Boyle family who live in the Dublin tenements.

Walking down the High Street - Four one-act plays 1944
Directed by John Wood. Cast unknown.

When we are married by J.B. Priestley - 8 and 9 December 1944

Quiet Wedding - 1945

Pride and Prejudice by Helen Jerome (from Jane Austen) - 8 and 9 February 1946
The cast were W.Y. Stead, J.A. Rooke, F.C.Trevillion, B.A.L.Gill, D. Williams, S. Wright, L.M.Smith, G.Sowerby, J.M.Nicholson, F.W.Kimber, M.W.Wheeler, F.H.Wilson, F.Smith, D.Blakey, J.Williamson, K.C.Bacon, S.L.Vincent and M.Elliott.

Mystery at Greenfingers by J.B. Priestley - 29 and 30 November 1946

The cast were S.L.Vincent, B.A.L.Gill, J.M.Nicholson, G.Sowerby, M.F.Smith, J.M.Williamson, P.Elliott, J.A.Rooke, M.H.Wheeler and Z.Wooton.

Ladies in Retirement by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham - 28 February and 1 March 1947

The cast were M.F.Smith, M.Davis, V.M.Ward, J.A.Rooke, Z.M.Wooton, P.Elliott and D.Blakey.

The Confederacy by Sir John Vanbrugh - April 1947

Mr Pym passes by by A.A.Milne - 1947
The cast were M.H. Wheeler, M.A.Goldie, M.F.Smith, K.C.Bacon, K.J.Sawyer, L.Dales, and J.M. Williamson.
l - r Ken Sawyer, Marion Smith, Kath Bacon

Nine til Six and Three One-Act plays - 5 and 6 December 1947

Northallerton Youth Drama Festival - January 1948

The first (and only!) annual Northalerton Youth Drama Festival was held by the Allertonshire Players at Church House, Springwell Lane. Entries came from Northallerton Grammar School, Northallerton Youth Club, Newby Wiske and South Otterington Club and Scorton Youth Club. Other possible entrants were unfortunately deterred by the withdrawal of the basic petrol allowance. The photo below is clearly not a Youth Group. I think the Players also produced a one act play for the festival but not for competition.

This Happy Breed by Noel Coward - 20 and 21 February 1948

The cast were E.M.Elliott, G.Sowerby, J.M.Galley, W.A.Robinson, J.A.Rooke, H.Lawson, M.C.Boyes, F.Smith, G.K.Hird, M.F.Smith, L.S.Gordon and K.J.R.Sawyer.

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Moliere - 25 and 26 June 1948

The cast were (deep breath) R.S.E.Snelson, N.Jones, H.Lawson, L.Dales, M.H.Wheeler, J.Hedley, W.Robinson, B.G.Chubb, H.Wright, Marion Smith, Kathleen Bacon, J. MacInnes, J.A.Springett, J.G.Martin, Jean M.Galley, Gertrude Sowerby, Lilian Gordon, H.Neesam, Annie E.McDougle, Greta Willoughby, Annie A.Wilson, Sylvia Elleray, M.Julia Miller, Anne E.Green, Winifred Fewster, Judy Bailey, Laura Neesam, Mollie Goldie, T.Naylor, G.Sadler, P.Ashford, D.Ashford, Mary Swain, Audrey Wintersgill, Yvonne Aconley, Eileen Barnett, Greta Derbyshire, Mabel Appleby, Dora Pearson, I.Humphrey and M.Wetherill.

The orchestra were A. Mattinson Wilson, Clifford Walker, June Gooden, Charles Mann and Arthur Bull.

The Poltergeist by Frank Harvey - September 1948?
The cast were Vera Ward,Phyllis Elliott, Sheila Tiffany, Lilian Gordon, S.L.Vincent, H.Neesam, W.Robinson and H.Lawson.

To kill a cat by Roland Pertwee and Harold Dearden - October 1948

The cast were L.S.Gordon, W.Y.Stead, E.M.Elliott, J.M.Williamson, A.J.Stead, M.F.Smith, H.Lawson, W.A.Robinson, Mr H.Wheeler and L.Dales. Lloyd Dales is pictured above, second from the left and Marion Smith is seated in the patterned dress.

Wasn't it Odd? by Kenneth Horne - 2, 3 and 4 December 1948

The cast were S.L.Vincent, Jean Galley, Elizabeth E. McDougle, Vera M.Ward, Catherine J.Wilson, J.A.Springett, A.J.Stead, Blanche A.L.Gill and Kathleen C.Bacon.

Quiet Weekend by Esther McCracken - 10, 11 and 12 February 1949

This play was directed by Lloyd Dales and the cast were W.Y.Stead, Ann A.Wilson, M. Julia Miller, Barbara E.Johnson, M.H.Wheeler, Laura Neesam, Kathleen A.Syme, Phyllis M. Elliott, B.C.J.Cooper, J.A.Rooke, W.A.Robinson, Gertrude Sowerby and Sylvia M. Elleray.

Saloon Bar by Frank Harvey - October 1949

Written for a Lady - 1949?
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