Les Foubieres de Scapin and L'Amour Medecin by Moliere - 2, 3 and 4
February 1950

Otherwise known as 'That Scoundrel Scapin' and 'Love's the best Doctor'. Apparently the producer of the Allertonshire Players' Moliere plays, John Wood, translated them himself from the French. Very enterprising indeed.

The cast were: BCJ Cooper, W Robinson, Lloyd Dales, Jean Galley, W Yeoman Stead, L Bennett, A Stead, AW Macdonald, Jean Soulsby, EM Elliott, N Jones, A Gaskell, Kathleen Bacon, Phyllis Elliott, Marion Smith, TG Wilson, JA Springett, Julia Miller, Margaret Winstanley, BG Chubb, SL Vincent, J MacInnes, L Neesam, H Neesam, Nancy Taylor, Gwen Fairburn, Helen Wilson, Mary Ramsden, Y Aconley, F RIchardson, M Swain, D Dobby, M Appleby and D Bramley.

Dear Octopus by Dodie Smith - 27, 28 and 29 April 1950

The action of the play takes place at the Randolphs' country house in North Essex, during a weekend in late autumn. Coffee could be obtained after Acts I and II in the Entrance Hall, at evening performances only - so there was clearly at least one matinee.

Directed by Lloyd Dales. The cast were: L Neesam, Lilian Gordon, Laura Neesam, Kathleen A Syme, Vera M Ward, AJ Stead, JC Yeoman, Anne Crossling, David Bennett, Morag SW Wilson, Marion F Smith, M Julia Miller, Judy Bailey, DW Dickenson, Barbara E Johnson, Eileen Gaskell and Kathleen C Bacon.

Fools Rush In by Kenneth Horne - 13 and 14 October 1950

The play was set in the lounge-hall of Angela Dickson's house at Ilcombe in Kent. A summer morning. The Telephone Manager, G.P.O. is thanked for the loan of the telephone.The play must have been about a wedding as among the characters there are Pam (bride), Joe (bridegroom), Millicent (bridesmaid), Angela (Pam's mother) and Charles (Angela's finance) - although that last one might be a typing error in the programme!

Cast were: Patricia Dickenson, Eileen Gaskell, Zelia Wooton, Vera Ward, Phyllis Elliott, GD Ventress, AW Macdonald and WA Robinson.

The Chiltern Hundreds by William Douglas Home - November 1950

The play takes place in the sitting room of Lister Castle in the summer of 1945. It revolves around the General Election and a subsequent by-election.

Cast not known.

A murder has been arranged by Emlyn Williams - February 1951

Directed by Lloyd Dales. Cast not known.

Wives and Daughters by Margaret Macnamara -3, 4 and 5 May 1951

This is based on the novel by Mrs Gaskell, and is described as an intimate comedy in three acts. There were intervals of ten minutes between acts during which coffee was served. Definitely a money spinner having three acts!

Directed by Lloyd Dales. Cast were: Lloyd Dales, Mary Wedderburn, Phyllis Elliott, Phyllis Fowkes, J Springett, Basil Chubb, GD Ventress, R Fowkes, Margaret Elliott, Vera Ward, Zelia Wooton, Elizabeth McDougle, Patricia Springett, Eileen Gaskell and Mary Ramsden.

You can't take it with you by Moss Hart and George Kaufman - 6, 7 and 8 December 1951

The play was set in the home of Martin Vanderhof in New York on a Wednesday evening in 1937. A chance to test out the American accents?

The cast were: Kathleen M'Cartney, Marion Smith, Fay Smith, WA Robinson, T Umpleby, K Farmery, TW Johnson, EL Bennett, Phyllis Elliott, MH Wheeler, CC Bryson, A Gaskell, Julia Miller, AW Macdonald, Margaret Elliott, T Hodgson, R Wright, J Cranston and Kathleen Bacon.

The Happiest Days of your life by John Dighton - 3, 4 and 5 April 1952

This was a farce set in the Masters' common room at Hilary Hall School for Boys in Hampshire. The posters for this play were apparently produced by the North Riding County Council Staff Arts Club.

The cast were: Colin Bryson, EL Bennett, S Lee Vincent, J Rooke, Barbara Johnson, Eileen Gaskell, David Bennett, Mary Weir, Mary Ramsden, AW Macdonald, Marion F Smith, WA Robinson and Zelia Wooton.

Treasure Hunt by M.J. Farrell and John Perry - 15, 16 and 17 January 1953

The action of the play passes in the drawing room of Sir Philip Ryall's home, Ballyroden, in the south of Ireland.

A newspaper review said: 'The efforts of a young impoverished Irish baronet to improve his fortunes by taking English paying guests into his ancestral home in face of opposition from equally poor elder relatives provided plenty of material for comedy....It was a happy choice of play for the company after a too-long absence from the N'teron stage'. Strange abbreviation for Northallerton. And I wonder what happened in 1952?

Directed by Lloyd Dales. The cast were: Zelia Wooton, Colin Bryson, SL Vincent, Audrey Hill, Phyllis Elliott, Patience Dickenson, AW Mcdonald, Marion Smith, Savile Rushworth, A Gaskell, Margaret Elliott, Mary Merry and Lloyd Dales.

Without the prince and three one-act plays (A phoenix too frequent,
Twelve pound lock and Waltz Time) - 1954

Directed by J Rooke. Cast unknown.

Relative values by Noel Coward - November 1954

The White Sheep of the Family by L. du Garde Peach and Ian Hay - March 1955

The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Winters' house in Hampstead.

A newspaper review said: 'With good bookings and an unusually large first night audience the Allertonshire Players were practically assured, at the outset, of a success with their current production and the performance has added to the already considerable prestige of the Players.

It is pleasing to see the increased patronage for amateur drama and it would seem, in Northallerton at least, that the lure of the television set is on the wane and the public interest in the amateur stage restored, particularly when the choice rests on light comedy, which is now finding so much favour in the town.'

That television eh? New fangled nonsense.

Not all was well with the production though and the reviewer goes on: 'After a hesitant and somewhat subdued start on the opening ight the Allertonshire Players settled down to give a competent performance. Brilliance was rare.'

He or she went on to complain that it was hard to hear some of the actors and that the settee was far too low from the back of the hall.

The shop at Sly Corner by Edward Percy - December 1955

Directed by Lloyd Dales. The cast were: John Rooke, A Barry Cawthorn, Valerie C Wilkinson, Phyllis Fowkes, Audrey M Hill, Kay M'Cartney, Brian W Sharp, William A Robinson, Ian P Hart and Arthur C Robson.

The Blue Goose by Peter Blackmore - February 1956

The action of the play takes place in the Portals' lounge. A note in the programme announces: 'Prizes will be presented to the winners of the Poster Competition after the final curtain on Saturday'.

Directed by E. Margaret Elliott (the first female producer for the Players?). The cast were: Jenny Simons, Kenneth Taylor, Marion Smith, Valerie Wilkinson, Phyllis Elliott, Kathleen Bacon, Arthur Robson, Peter Floyd, Savile Rushworth and William Robinson.

Iron Curtain by Val Gielgud - April 1956

The action of the play takes place during the autumn of 1946, in a schoolroom in a small Austrian town on the border of the British and Russian zones of occupation.

There is a detailed background to the play in the programmes, as follows:

'More than ten years after the end of the Second World War there are still large numbers of refugees who have not settled down. Many of them have been living in the same camps since their first arrival a number of years ago; old people have died in these camps; children have spent their entire lives there. The scene of the play is set in Austria, a country which, occupied until 955 by four powers, has had to cope with hundreds and thousands of refugees. The exhibition in the foyer, made up of material supplied by the United Nations Refugee Fund, the Adoption Committee for Aid to Displaced Persons and British Council for Aid to Refugees, gives some slight indication of conditions in the camps and shows the need for the continuation of their work. The Allertonshire Players, therefore, in presenting 'Iron Curtain', felt that the background to the play was so vital that they have departed from their usual type of display in the foyer in order to assist the work, and any donations, which may be place in the box in the foyer, will be divided between the organisations represented.'

For the first time, back stage and front of house people are mentioned in the programme.

Directed by Lloyd Dales and SG Beagley. The cast were: Ian Cockerill, Phyllis M Fowkes, Kay M'Cartney, Lloyd Dales, Barry Cawthorn, William Houlgate, Kathleen C Bacon, William Houlgate, Peter Floyd, Marion F Smith, AW Macdonald, William A Robinson, Savile Rushworth, Len Bennett and Ray Fowkes.

The Bakehouse by J.O. Francis and The Loving Elms by Patrick Cargill - 1956

Directed by Margaret Elliott and SG Beagley. The cast were: Eileen Falkingbridge, Kay M'Cartney, Valerie C Wilkinson, Barbara Johnson, Robina Pearson, Barbara Marsden, Patricia Oldham, Ken Taylor, Jean Clark, Phyllils Elliott, Arthur Robson, Barry Cawthorn, Phyllis M Fowkes, Audrey Hill and Peter Floyd.

The Loving Elms

Travellers Joy by Arthur McCrae - 1957

Directed by AW Macdonald. The cast were: A Barry Cawthorn, Joan Stevens, Kay M'Cartney, Kenneth W Taylor, Elizabeth E McDougle, William Houlgate, Valerie Wilkinson, Peter J Floyd, H Pickard and John Lampitt.

 The Happy Prisoner by John McNair - 1957

Directed by E Margaret Elliott. The cast were: Miriam Lee, Janet M Shaw, Arthur C Robson, Barbara Marsden, Phyllis M Fowkes, Kenneth Taylor, A Barry Cawthorn, Geoffrey Close and Jean D Clark.

The Paragon by Roland and Michael Pertwee - 28, 29 and 30 November 1957

The action throughout occurs in the study of Sir Robert Rawley's house in the Vale of Avalon.

Directed by Lloyd Dales. The cast were: K Taylor, M Julia Miller, Freda Davis, E Margaret Elliott, SL Vincent, H Pickard, Barbara Johnson, Geoffrey Close and P Howden.

Jane Steps Out by Kenneth Horne - January 1958

Directed by AW Mcdonald. The cast were: Valerie Wilkinson, Lee Vincent, Arthur Robson, Mabel Bull, Joan Stevens, Kay M'Cartney, Kathleen Bacon and Barry Cawthorn.

The photograph below show Barry Cawthorn and Joan Stevens who were engaged in real life at the time.

The Whole Truth by Philip Mackie - 4, 5 and 6 December 1958

The action takes place in London, during a single evening. The first and second acts take place in the Paultons' living room and the third act takes place in Inspector Brett's office and then back to the Paultons' living room. From this it sounds like a thriller, but I have no further information currently.

Directed by A Barry Cawthorn. The cast were: Audrey Hill, Arthur Robson, Robina Kell, Edmund P Howden, Joan Stevens, Kenneth Taylor, H Pickard and Philip S Logan.

Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde - 12, 13 and 14 March 1959
This play has four acts and there were intervals betwen each one, but the programme cautions:

'Please note that coffee and ices will be available only between Acts ii and iii, and iii and iv.

Directed by Lloyd Dales. The cast were: Robina E Pearson, Arthur C Robson, A Barry Cawthorn, Kay M'Cartney, Shirley Todd, Geoffrey Palmer, Valerie Wilkinson, Julie Miller, Savile Rushworth, Philip S Logan, Norman A Logan, William Sorrell, Barbara Johnson and June Johnson.

The photograph below shows Barry Cawthorn and Robina Pearson.

The Reluctant Debutante by William Douglas Home - 1959

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